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        This was our first meeting, here are my notes on what was discussed. Feel free to comment below if I’ve missed anything, and I’ll add it in.

        • We tentatively chose March 10 or 17 as the date for our first event.
        • We decided on “Nannup Musician’s Gathering” as the name of the event.
        • A website will be created to make announcements, focus discussions and to connect the organisation.
        • We discussed possible layouts for the stage and sound, the two best options were:

          • On the stage projecting down to the courtyard, which would require less work but would project straight out to the Caravan Park and might not adequately cover the venue.
          • Build a small stage in the corner near the shed facing the courtyard and the building. This would be the best option for distributing sound around the venue and would project the sound away from neighbours.

        • To raise revenue for the performers and to cover costs of the event, we came up with the following options:

          • A “name your price” ticketing system.
          • A donation box at the till during an event.
          • A new product entered into the Stopping Place’s till system, “performer donation” to allow people to include a donation for the musicians in the table bill.
          • A donation page on our website.

        • We discussed ways that we could ensure that Stopping Place will get value from the existence of our organisation and our events. Possible options for supporting the venue:

          • Split revenue at a predetermined percentage.
          • Do what we can to draw patrons to the venue through word of mouth, social media, posters, and flyers around town.
          • We could offer a sound system to either leave at the venue, or we can provide the system at any time if the Stopping Place would like to host an event.

        • We discussed other types of events that we could h

          • Bring in musicians from around the region to hold ticketed events.
          • Bring electronic producers and event organisers to hold a bush doof.

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