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        Karlo put together a poster with some of his art, I’ve made some tweaks. I still want to add some of the names of who’s playing, as soon as we can confirm some of the act names.

        Let me know if there are any suggestions or corrections.

        Once we’ve got some act names on there, and it’s good we’ll print it and get it up around town.

        (click to enlarge it)

        Nannup Musician's Gathering Poster concept vers 1

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        Love it. Captures the tranquil essence of Nannup. The only suggestion would be to make the title leap out more, if possible? I say that ‘cause my eye was caught by the image rather than the words. No biggie. I still loves it. Well done. Cheers


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          Yeah I reckon you’re right, I’ll fatten it up a bit and try to make it pop out more.

          Originally we had the time 12-8 but I heard from Ross that he’d like it to be rapped up by 6pm.

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            Ok I think we have the final Poster. I’m pretty sure I’ve put on it everything that’s needed.

            Share it far and wide!!


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