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        I had a quick look into it, and I found some different resources on registering a club.

        Steps to becoming an incorporated association” is an article that describes the process in some detail. Basically, we need to form a constitution that describes how we form to decide things, how the money will be handled, etc. The article also refers to a “Model Rules” which is an example constitution that is like a basic example of a constitution that fully complies with Associations Incorporation Act 2015. It’s pretty boring, I reckon we have a lot of room to creatively write a constitution that matches better the way that we worked in the meetings. Everyone having a say. We decide once everyone present is happy to go with it. Can we formalise this into writing in a creative way? I created a topic Constitution to go deeper into all of that if anyone’s interested.

        We also need to describe our finances. We have touched on in our meetings, the idea of offering a means of receiving donation at events, and splitting proceeds amongst: the venue, artists, equipment hire, staff, etc, and possible a portion as a donation to another Nannup community organisation. There has also been mention of applying for grants and using that to fund all of the above. We need to formalise this stuff into words.

        I’m sure I’m missing heaps…

        What else?

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